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You can download our game design document here. The ZIP file contains about eight smaller documents describing each aspect of our game: network, interface, terrain, etc. Warning: The design document is terribly outdated. One of us really needs to go over it and bring it up to speed.

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    We use this mailing list extensively to discuss our game's development.


You can view all of our source code here: web or real.


    Active Programmers:

  • Jon (delta17 at
  • Inactive Programmers:

  • Koom (koom at
  • John (meanwhile at
  • Petr (sensenet at
  • Artists:

  • Tom
  • Friends:

  • Sebastian
  • Abe
Other Webpages:

My quotes page

Spanish Conjumania

My friends's directory of libraries, components, engines, utilities, etc.

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